The 200 system Hiace is the reason that is one car model, but there is the kind that is various in that. It is in a condition to have the car model that there is many it in a Hiace to say "the area that China is equal to the European whole" because it becomes huge so as that the brand called the Hiace is 50 years and is unique.
By the type of the engine, the kind of the 200 system Hiace is divided. It is diesel or gasoline, or it means, but a little less than 20 kinds appear only with diesel and let you feel the abundance of the lineup of the Hiace some other time.
There may be the person that the diesel has an image not to be kind to the earth, but I appear to the diesel car which does not pollute the air than a gasoline-powered car called the clean diesel now, and, as for it, the fixed idea called diesel = environmental disruption does not consist of a story of the old diesel. Because consideration to keep atmosphere neatly is done about the diesel of the Hiace to the maximum, as a matter of course, the point is worry uselessness.
Furthermore, a kind is divided by the drive type. In the case of two, in the case of two-wheel drive, four, four-wheel-drive the wheel which this is that it may be said by various vehicle not having been limited to a 200 system Hiace, but really links an engine. It is a four-wheel-drive person not to mention high-powered one.

About the Japanese used cars, such as Hiace van, Hiace wagon and so on.